Zhangqiu Qunyi Machinery Co., Ltd.

Zhangqiu Qunyi Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, specializes in three-lobes roots type air blowers, twin lobe air blower, centrifugal air blower, vacuum pump, rotary air blower, dust collector, environmental protection equipments, MVR evaporator, TURNEKY projects etc with agentsin Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana etc

Our company is located in Zaoyuan economic zone Zhangqiu Jinan City Shandong Province.

Our company offer manufacturing and after-sales services with senior engineer and a team of technical and experienced

Workers. We adopts updating technology with advanced machinery, working

Together with sophiscated quality control system, to ensure the quality of our

Products. Our air blower here has passed ISO9001-2000 Certificate

Our main product include: QSR/QSRH/QSRV/QSRMJ three lobes roots blower,

MVR evaporator, Environmental protection machine etc

Our roots type air blower is widely applied for different industries, such as sewage

Treatment, pneumatic conveying, cement, power factory, paper making,

Aquaculture, food package, metallurgy, mining, environment production etc

Our company adhere to the principle of giving priority to talents, view culture as

Soul, improving and innovation and creating a brand image, which is accepted

By more and more domestic & overseas clients.
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