Generator Power (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Generator Power(Shanghai) Co., Ltd manufacturing various uses diesel generators as silent generator, tank shape, mobile power station, Auto style, Incorporative power station, Remote Centralized Monitoring style etc with the power of 1KW-3000KW, as the advanced emergency standby power equipment, they are widely applied to mining, plant, communication engineering, hote, hospital, buidling&road construction, army, haven, highway, railway as well as commercial facility.

Over the years, we always adhere to high standards and strict product quality, according to the price of survival, quality development enterprise principle, heavy contract, keep promise, honest, combined with advanced technology and test method, refinement and good quality, Win a lot of regular customers, Super-above diesel generator set is widely used in communications, factories, mines, ports, highways, ships, railways, airports, power plants, hotels, forces and other places, it is an ideal emergency power supply equipment, won the trust and support from all over the world.

We will be committed to the future, to temper themselves in the market of the melting pot, practical factory, keep improving the quality, the good faith development, with the social from all walks of life support and help, strive for greater glory. At the same time, we solemnly promise: We will not let any unqualified products go out of our factory, promise not to let any one customer impaired, strictly abide by the contract, regular and irregular, combining to use cargo units to check the product status, timely maintenance, within the time limit prescribed by the contract, on call, Namely to repair, to ensure that our company produces the diesel generator set work normal, normal operation, ensure that users use at ease.
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