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I-S-U-Z-U Vacuum Truck Cesspit Emptier -10000 Liters (Septic Tank) Rwanda

Hubei Dong Runze Special Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • After-sales Service:2 Years
  • Warranty:2 Years
  • Certification:ISO9000, CCC
  • Payload:10t
  • Transmission Type:Manual
  • Fuel:Diesel

Base Info

  • Model NO.:Cesspit Emptier
  • Tank Volume:8000L, 9000L, 10000L
  • Drive Wheel:4x2
  • Hoesrpower:190~205
  • Condition:New
  • Wheelbese:4500 mm
  • Engine:Isu Zu 4HK1-Tc50
  • Tire:0.00r20, 11r22.5
  • Gear Box:Mld 5
  • Axles:Isu Zu Technology 6.3t +13t
  • Cab:Isuz U Ftr
  • Vacuum Tank:8000L~10000 L
  • Suction Time:5 Min
  • Vacuum:-0.07MPa
  • Suction Depth:6 M
  • Vacuum Pumps Rotary Vane Type:50qzxdg-45,400 or 65qzxdg-68,400
  • Transport Package:Nil
  • Specification:8250, 2500, 3300 mm
  • Trademark:DRZ
  • Origin:China
  • HS Code:8705909990
  • Production Capacity:80000


Main body materialQ235A carbon steel / 6MM with 2 Strengthen rolled steel rings reinforcement, end of the tank with 8mm carbon steel.Vacuum pumps model

Rotary vane type

50QZXDG-45/400 or 65QZXDG-68/400

 vacuuming both sewage and sludgeMaximum AOB≥45°Effective suction≥ 5Vacuum system(MPa)≥11Lifting time(s)≤45Cover opening Angle(°)≥75°Cover open time (s)≤25Suction pipe diameter (mm)100length of the Hose18ft*4pcsTanks full sucked time (min)≤12

I-S-U-Z-U Vacuum Truck Cesspit Emptier -10000 Liters (Septic Tank) Rwanda

Sewer Vacuum Truck ISU ZU (10,000 Litres)GeneralVehicle BrandDONG RUNZEChassis BrandISU ZUOverall Dimension8250 * 2500 * 3300 mmGVW / Kerb Weight18,000 kg / 8,048 kgCabCab Capacity3 persons allowedAir ConditionerW/ air conditionerEngineFuel TypeDieselEngine BrandISU ZU engine 4HK1-TC50Power205HP(150KW)Displacement5193 mlEmission StandardEuro V / Euro5ChassisDrive Type4X2, left hand driveTransmissionISU ZU gear box, no overhaul within 500,000kmWheelbase/No. of axle4500 mm / 2Tyre Specification10.00R20;11R22.5Tyre Number6 tyres and 1 spare tyreMax Speed95 km/hPaintMetallic paintSuperstructureTank Capacity10,000 LitresTank MaterialCarbon steel Thickness: 6mmSuction Head7mVacuum Pump

Highly efficient, vacuum rate 93%,
quick suction and discharge, suction lift 6m.

Absolute working pressure: 400Pa

Academic suction speed: 45L/s ;90L/s

Rotation speed: 400~500rpm (5400 L/min )

HoseHigh quality, wire strengthened hoseRear door can be hydraulic opened for complete discharge of solid stuff.All standard accessories: inlet, discharge, antifill valve.....Optional** Tank material could be carbon steel, stainless steel..…..
** Vacuum pump could be imported brand...  Left hand side controlYes6SteeringIntegral and hydraulic power assistedYes SystemTurning radius: 8 mYes   leaf spring  Front Axle: Parabolic leaf spring or Airleaf spring7SuspensionRear Axle: Parabolic leaf spring or Air       Front: Single, 11.00 x 20 Tyres11R22.5 or 11.00R208TyresRear: Dual, 11.00 x 20 Tyres11R22.5 or 11.00R20  Spare wheel same size, mounted ion frame rails11R22.5 or 11.00R20      Voltage: 24VYes  Batteries: 2 x 12V, 150 AhYes9ElectricalAlternator: 24V, 55AYes SytemStarter Motor: 24VYes  All electrical component fully tropicalizedYes1 Headlamps, fog LampsYes      All calibrations on gauge/meters to be in metric unitsYes10InstrumentsSpeedometer, odometer, tripmeterYes MonitorsEngine coolant temperature gaugeYes  Low Engine oil warning lightYes  Battery charging warning lightYes  Fuel level gauge and low warning lightYes      Seating capacity: 3 personsYes  Non-sleeper cabYes11CabForward control tilting cabYes  Air conditionerYes  SW/FM Radio with electronic tuning and CD playerYes      Capacity: 10,000 litresYes12TankDischarge test pressure: 58.8 kPaYes  Vacuum test pressure: 93.3 kPaYes  Plate thickness: 6 mmYes      Rotary vane type vacuum pump 13PumpVacuum pump driven by transmission P.T.O from driver's cabYes14



Main ManholeYesSafety valve pump driven by transmission P.T.O from driver's cabYesCompound gauge reading "Vacuum" & "Discharge" pressureYesSuction and Delivery Ball ValveYesMain separator with check valveYesOil cleanerYesSub separatorYes2 Hose carrier boxes, one on each side of tankYesLevel gauge at rear door upper sectionYes    15AccessoriesSuction & Delivery Hoses with coupling, 4 inch diameter x 18 ft long Qty: 4YesTool box standard tool setYesBeacon light mountedYes    16MiscellaneousRechargeable fire extinguisher 6 kgYesWarning TriangleYesFirst Aid kitYesHeavy duty jack, wheel spanner and accessoriesYes  Makers standard tool kitYes    17Dimension and WeightLxWxH: 8200 x 2500 x 3300 mm Front axle capacity: 7,000 kg7,000 kgRear axle capacity: 11,000 kg13,000 kgGross Vehicle Weight - 18,000 kgYesWheelbase 4200 mm4500mmGround clearance 260 mmYesCurb Vehicle Weight- 8000 kgYesPayload- 10,000 kgYes    18Warranty2 yearsYes    19Operating Cost InfoFuel consumption per 100 km run

Empty 12.8L /

Full Loading 23.8L

Detailed maintenance cost for the first 40,000 kms

Clutch plate - 2 Nos

Diesel Filter - 8 Nos

Water Separator - 8 Nos

Oil Filter - 16 Nos

Air Filter - 4 Nos

Fan Belt - 4 Nos

Alternator Belt - 4 Nos

Spare Vac pumps- 1Nos

Sealing ring For tank cover 2 Nos



After sales


State location of maintenance workshops State location of spare parts stores Any other additional /privileged services not mentioned in the tender document    21ManualsOriginal brochure must accompany bids Operating Manual in English Isu zu truck chassis manufactured in ChinaVac Septic Tank Manufacturer:Dong Runze Special VehicleEngine:4KH1-TCG51Wheelbase (mm):3360Displacement (cc):2999Dimensions (mm):5900 × 1980 × 2200Power (kW):88Gross weight (kg):4495Fuel type:diesel fuelCurb weight (kg):2020


Isu zu QL1060A5KAY

Isuz u truck chassis manufactured in ChinaVac Septic Tank Manufacturer:Dong Runze Special VehicleEngine:4KH1CN5HSWheelbase (mm):3815Displacement (cc):2999Dimensions (mm):6665 × 1980 × 2200Power (kW):96Gross weight (kg):6500Fuel type:diesel fuelCurb weight (kg):2180


Is uzu QL1044A5HAY

Isu zu truck chassis manufactured in ChinaVac Septic Tank Manufacturer:Dong Runze Special VehicleEngine:4KH1CN5HSWheelbase (mm):3360Displacement (cc):2999Dimensions (mm):5900 × 1980 × 2200Power (kW):96Gross weight (kg):4495Fuel type:diesel fuelCurb weight (kg):2050


Isu zu QL1045A6HAY

Isu zu truck chassis manufactured in ChinaVac Septic Tank Manufacturer:Dong Runze Special VehicleEngine:4KH1CN5LSWheelbase (mm):3360Displacement (cc):2999Dimensions (mm):5900 × 1980 × 2200Power (kW):72Gross weight (kg):4495Fuel type:diesel fuelCurb weight (kg):2050


I suzu QL1240DTFZY

Isu zu truck chassis manufactured in ChinaVac Septic Tank Manufacturer:Dong Runze Special VehicleEngine:6HK1-TCSG40Wheelbase (mm):5700+1300Displacement (cc):7790Dimensions (mm):11497 × 2465 × 2810Power (kW):206Gross weight (kg):24000Fuel type:diesel fuelCurb weight (kg):7300


I-S-U-Z-U Vacuum Truck Cesspit Emptier -10000 Liters (Septic Tank) Rwanda
I-S-U-Z-U Vacuum Truck Cesspit Emptier -10000 Liters (Septic Tank) Rwanda
IS UZU vacuum Sewage Suction Truck 6000Liters 
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Sucking sewage waste water operation


Vacuum Suction Sewage Trucks vacuum suction pump can be self-suction, self-discharge, fast working speed, large capacity, convenient transportation, suitable for the collection and transportation of waste, mud, oil, dirty water, sludge, septic, fecal, sludge, crude oil, and other solid stuff such as small stones, bricks as well.

The sewage suction truck can Self-suck and self-discharge. It has fast working speed, large capacity and convenient transportation. It is suitable for collecting and transporting liquid waste substances such as feces, mud and crude oil. The vacuum pump of the sewage suction truck, which is advanced in domestic technology, has large suction force and long suction distance. It is especially suitable for suction, loading and discharge of silt in sewer, especially for suction of larger objects such as slurry, silt, stone and brick in sewer. sewer cleaner truck vacuum tanker truck Collecting and transferring sludge, sewage, cleaning the sewer, Cesspoolage, cesspit, cesspool, gully, sewer etc. Sucking sludge tanker truck vacuum tanks brand Dongfeng, Jiefang, Foton, , HINO, Sinotruk Truck etc.

Dongfeng vacuum sewage suction truck, Jiefang sewage tanker truck, Futian suction truck, Heavy Truck suction truck, Shaanxi suction truck, Jianghuai suction truck and Qingling suction truck.

 Consisted with PTO, DRIVE SHAFT, VACUUM PUMP, CONTAINER, PIPE SYSTEM, etc... Equipped vacuum pressure gauge, monitoring window, hand washing apparatus. Suction tube could be turned around. Suction time: ≤5min, suction lift ≥6m, .automatically, durable using worked efficiently, big capacity, easy transport, is an ideal and versatile system for the handling of sewage, sludge and slurry and gasoline etc

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